Spring 2020 > Text Ribbon Event

I used this piece to think about the differences between the space in a painting and the space of my studio walls; this came together very quickly, and helped me embrace a less rigid practice.

Text Ribbon Event (final piece)
photo transfer, acrylic, paper, pencil, wood, on canvas
Text Ribbon Event (early stage)
photography, canvas/stretcher, misc

The above image is what the canvas looked like while I was using it as a surface to tape up references.

You can see a photo of a screencap from Tron, which I was trying to work through. In the scene, a ship-structure passes through a square shaped plane, and when it comes through the other side, it is only line. As in, it enters the square as a more solid structure, and loses its 'insides' when it passes through. The square itself also has some interesting qualities. This led me to ask:

1) what made the ship solid beforehand- since it exists in a computer game - what does dimensionality mean?

2) What does the square do to the ship?

3) what is the ship after it is 'reduced' by the square?

So, I was thinking about all of these questions and used the loop of text to address the connections between the wood, drawings, spaces, and photos.