Spring 2020 > Insulated Piece

In this work, I wanted to put types of insulation against each other; when I considered what that would look like, I sketched a small group of houses on the surface, like a little town plan. The small houses I made 'models' of were all in my neighborhood; the last time I saw them, it was 2017 and they were all abandoned but still standing.

Deteriorating houses from the last 50 years are important to me, because they were built recently with purpose, and now they are deteriorating. Part of the reason I work with text is because it holds meaning and associations, just as houses should. Around me, I see words breaking down and failing the same way these houses do.

Insulated Piece
fiberglass insulation, foam insulation, drywall, resin, wax, canvas, moulding, lock, carpet, mylar, paper, acrylic, spray paint

The houses are made out of wax or resin. Inside the houses are bits of house; such as, small pieces of moulding, spray foam (to insulate gaps), bits of carpet, and metal hardware. There are also small ribbons of text written on mylar. I wanted to make houses that were 1) see-through, so you can see the density, 2) had house components in a completely negated way, and 3) had the deteriorated quality that the 'originals' have.

To put these ideas together (the insulation and the houses), I glued down an obsolete text about finding carpets for home restoration. Then, I spray painted driveway shapes leading to each house. I cast the resin houses to face the wax houses, and I placed them across each other.