Spring 2020 > Noise Floor II

Noise Floor II
Noise Floor II
Oil on canvas

"Noise Floor II" is another attempt to work with scale and perspective to convey what 'houses' feel like. In this version of the noise floor, I tried to be more quick and decisive, and I believe I got closer to what I hope to convey.

Using 'noise floor' to think about an actual floor came from listening to music. An album I was listening to at the time made a reference to the concept of a noise floor, which I began to look into. I don't work with audio the same way a musician would, but my understanding of the noise floor is something like 'the sum of all the background noise'; this seemed like the auditory version of the visual world I tried to formulate.

In this version, I decided to incorporate the home into the figure as well as outside of the figure. I also chose to keep the carpet as abstract and simple as possible. Additionally, in my first 'Noise Floor', the lower figure read as more of a shadow than a hole; so here, I had the text enter and exit the figure, to achieve a dimensionality that connects the figure to their surroundings.