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Starting point of 'Favorite Rooms'
Starting point of 'Favorite Rooms'
Acrylic on frosted mylar

I would never want sexuality to be the focal point of my work, but I know there is sometimes a unique way that LGBT+ people experience home, I know I have associations with home that are directly tied to being raised religious and slowly admitting to myself that I am not straight.

It would be omission if I didn't think about spaces where gay people feel comfortable versus homes where gay kids live, at a time when they know they're not supposed to be gay

So I decided to start a book that is made up of transparent paintings. While I was on campus, I asked my friends who identify as women who like women to tell me about a room that is important to them, or a room they feel most safe or connected to. By the time I left campus, I started this quick painting, but wasn't sure how to continue the work in quarantine. Last week, I decided to reach out to an online group (I've participated in the group for over a year) of lesbians and mention my work; I reached out to the first ten people who agreed to send me information. People told me stories about rooms that are close to their hearts, and sent me reference images of themselves (I asked them to send any picture they felt comfortable in). I look forward to doing small paintings of people with similar experiences, in a space that is just for them.